What is the My Miramichi Plan Review?

 The City of Miramichi is updating its Municipal Plan and its “rulebooks” for development.

 The Municipal Plan is an all-encompassing, forward-looking policy document that outlines the community's vision for the future and its strategy for managing difficult challenges, such as housing, retail, recreation, and transportation issues.

 The Plan helps the City chart the future it desires rather than simply reacting to events as they unfold.

 The development “rulebooks”, which include the Zoning By-law and Building By-law, are being reviewed and updated at the same time as the Plan. These documents are important “companion” documents to the Plan as they identify and enforce its vision and strategy.

 The City has grown and changed in many ways since the current Plan was put in place in 2012. Since then, we’ve seen a 36% increase to the City’s tax base, the construction of an $85-million federal office, a declining unemployment rate, the installment of a $1.5-million state-of-the-art synthetic turf field and numerous other community improvement projects, significant commercial development in the City’s Douglastown retail corridor, major road infrastructure projects like the construction of a roundabout in Chatham Head, two new nursing home facilities, increased attention to the revitalization of the City’s downtowns, the hosting of countless events and festivals, and significant momentum generated around the City’s planned multiplex.

 What will the future hold for Miramichi?

 A Municipal Plan Review Committee has been formed to guide and oversee this important project for the City of Miramichi.

 Stay tuned for the many opportunities to provide input on the Plan Review project. Get involved! Take ownership of the future of your community and consider what “My Miramichi” means to you!